MSU Department of Human Development and Family Studies

The Problem

Michigan State University's Department of Family and Child Ecology was ready to make a big change in 2010 by changing their name to the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. Along with this change, they wanted to modernize their website and become more appealing to potential graduate students. As we began to work with directors, professors, and other faculty members, we encountered several challenges including the need to target everyone from potential undergrads to government grant-reviewing committees.

The Solution

We worked with a committee of HDFS faculty to figure out the most important audiences to address and what information each audience would need from the website. From there, we organized their website's information architecture - the structure of menus and home page elements - to help target each of these audiences, starting with potential graduate students. This was translated into the website design along with graphical components that fit with MSU's new brand standards. 

The new Human Development and Family Studies website features visual callouts for graduate programs and a faculty directory with full profiles for each faculty member.

Website Design for the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at MSU
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