Hazen Lumber

The Problem

Hazen Lumber has been doing business in the Lansing area for over 70 years! With so much history and hundreds of happy local customers, we were surprised to find that Hazen hadn't done any marketing since the 1980s - and they felt like it was time for a change. They wanted their new logo and website to appear fresh and modern without losing their established history.

The Solution

We worked with Hazen Lumber to make sure their new logo and design fit with their established image. The logo stands out from their competitors and can be used for print, online, or outdoor signage - a great way to attract more customers after remodeling a local home. The website showcases their range of available products without too many "bells and whistles," providing a straightforward experience for their online visitors.


One of Hazen Lumber's long time customers sent them this message after their new site launched:

"Your new website is simply beautiful. It portrays the quality shop that Hazen Lumber has always been. Truly, a magnificent site!"

Custom website design for Hazen Lumber by GreenLite
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