The Problem

Ag-Co is a family-run business that sells custom horse stalls and farm building accoutrements online. Their previous website had several problems, including poor search engine results, three confusing navigational menus, and a generic design that didn't show off Ag-Co's personality.

The Solution

We provided Ag-Co with a search engine optimization analysis to help them get more traffic from sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Ag-Co's previous web developers weren't able to implement most of our SEO recommendations, so we stepped in to redesign and redevelop the website. We started by organizing their extensive list of products and other pages, and from there we created a rustic design that connects to horse riders and farm owners. When we built the actual site, we made sure to code the site for search engine optimization and we added features like meta tagging so Ag-Co could continue to keep the site optimized as they add content in the future.

Ag-Co custom website design by GreenLite
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